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  1. Brakes and Power Steering help

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Alright , I'm concerned with my brakes on a 68 mercury cougar. It's a Dan Gurney if that helps any. I just put a new booster and master cylinder on. New front end parts along with a new power steering pump and control valve. I have leaking in my power steering where the hose connects to the...
  2. Brake conversion kit/rim upgrade advice

    High Performance
    My 69 XR7 currently has the stock brakes + tire/rims and my next project is brake conversion + rim/tire upgrade. Looking for 4 wheel brake conversion kit recommendations + the needful rim/tire sizes. Did some research on wheel size com which suggested 225/50R17, 225/45ZR18, 235/45ZR18 can...
  3. Correct Brake pedal for T5 conversion?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a '68 XR7 that I'm converting to factory power disc brakes, and from auto-trans to T5. Years ago I pulled a power brake pedal out of a '68 automatic that looks like this: If I...
  4. 1967 power brake booster with manual trans

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I got a 67 cougar that i converted to power disc brakes. I cant seem to find any brake boosters that will fit my car because the clutch cable is in the way. Does anyone know where i could find one that would fit? thanks! Also, the car has a t-5 5speed and a 289 in it if that makes any...
  5. better brakes on a 68 xr7

    Classic Cougar Tech
    hey guys im redoing the suspension on my wifes 68 xr7 , ive done some searches but cant find exactly what im looking for. her car has disc brakes already up front. is there something else i can upgrade with? like from a different car that would help stop it better? they look old so i was going...
  6. Power brake booster trouble

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a 1968 cougar xr-7 that I am restoring for my first car. I installed a new booster and master cylinder and I am still having issues braking. When I apply pressure on the pedal I feel the power brakes work and the car begins to stop easily. Then the pedal goes a little more than half way...
  7. Low quiet grinding noise....getting louder by the day.

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey whats up guys, I've been driving the hell out of my Cougar for the last few months but now I'm noticing a slight drag in the overall "roll" of the car. By this I mean its slowing to a halt quicker and making a funny sounding noise. I noticed some gear oil leaking from my pumpkin which...
  8. I need some help

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a 73 cougar xr7. I have recently re-done my front suspension and just put new brake calipers/pads on today. I am having a problem with a thumping sound somewhere near my front wheels. Its a rotational thump meaning its not one constant noise. It starts to happen around 20+mph What could...
  9. Brakes from a Gran Torino

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey I was wondering if the front disc brakes from a Gran Torino (1976) and spindles would fit on my Merc. I've been looking for a swap but I'm still trying to find out what fits and what doesn't. I've heard about Grenada Maverick Versailles Monarch Any others?