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  1. 1969 Cougar - Brake question - guidance on next steps

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hello, I've done a lot of googling but I'd like some advice specific to the steps I've already taken. Basically, tell me what to do next because I'm getting frustrated with my own decisions... 1969 cougar, car had sat for a number of years. Rear cylinders were both leaky/rusty and MC...
  2. 69 changed distribution block and prop valve - do I even bother bench bleeding master

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi All, 1/2 way through changing out my brake distribution block/proportioning valve. (Getting the booster out of the way was not fun). Just put in the block. Since it will be filled with air and I will be re-bleeding all four corners, do I even need to bother filling the master and bleeding...
  3. Power brake booster trouble

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a 1968 cougar xr-7 that I am restoring for my first car. I installed a new booster and master cylinder and I am still having issues braking. When I apply pressure on the pedal I feel the power brakes work and the car begins to stop easily. Then the pedal goes a little more than half way...
  4. Hydraulic Brake Booster and Drum to Disc Brake Conversion kit

    High Performance
    Hi, I have almost reached the end of my 1968 Cougar restoration project, but I'm not happy with the front and rear drum brakes. I've found this interesting Hydraulic Brake Booster: Has anyone tried out one of these, or something similar...