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  1. Vinyl to hardtop conversion

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey folks. New to posting but I've read a bit; couldn't find this in my searches so forgive me if you've answered it, but... I bought a '68 XR7 with a vinyl top. This is after I decided I really wanted a hardtop but this came available at a good price and I needed to buy so I did. I can live...
  2. General price range to fix quarter panel and fix aftermarket sunroof on '67 GT

    Classic Cougar Bodywork
    Hello, I have a pretty rare cat-- I've had my 1967 GT S-code 4 speed for 3 has a lot of potential and pretty much straight except it needs a new driver side quarter panel skin as the original one is smashed up--was told it fell down on the wheel when it was jacked up at one time. The...
  3. Caved in doors not as bad as I thought

    Classic Cougar Bodywork
    Spent all day yesterday doing some rough body work banging out all the major stuff. Next weekend were going to be really getting down to it. Both my doors were caved in. The previous owner was going blind and parked in a parking garage in Hollywood (where the car was purchased by the way) and...