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barret jackson
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  1. tim allen crashes

    I wish i was faster with the camera but this shot was taken right after tim crashed into the cart in front of him. he is in the black shirt.
  2. 428 eliminator

    this was one nice eliminator and it sold in the mid 30 thousands. must be nice to have a 428 in a cat.
  3. tim allen

    can you say ohohohoho! this is tim allen in the black shirt on the left just wish i would of been ready for him before he went by.
  4. chopped merc

    what would the day be without some lead in your life? lead sleds rule!
  5. 55 merc

    very nice mercury could of bought it instead of my bird but then again the bird when done will be 3 times as much.
  6. alice cooper

    no more mister nice guy!
1-6 of 6 Results