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  1. Classic Cougar Tech
    Ever since I have owned my car, I have had issues with the charging system. I have gone though countless alternators and batteries. I tired converting to a 1 wire alternator setup with the regulator attached on the side, still didn't fix it. The car will say charged for awhile after changing the...
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey guys I have a quick question. I have an alternator that has a 3 wire setup. I also have an EFI harness and it has a single wire for my alternator. Do I connect that wire to the battery contact of my alternator? Any info.helps and thanks!
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    When the amp light is on, does that indicate over-charge or under-charge, or either? In other words does the light turn on when the voltage/amp is out of the envelope? Amp light came on after starting and driving the car more in two weeks than it has in ten years. Figured it went out. New alt...
  4. Classic Cougar Tech
    I just need to verify what I think I need to do. I have a 1970 XR7 with a 65 amp alternator and Amp gauge. The harness going to the back of the alternator has a black (bat) and orange (FLD). No black w/ red (grd) wire can be found. Not sure where it is/went. The wiring diagram shows this...
  5. Classic Cougar Tech
    I'm reading up on my new 3g alternator today and they mention a voltage regulator numerous times. I know that the Taurus 3g alternator has one built in, but I can't seem to find the old one so I can disconnect there anywhere else that it might be other than near the battery?
  6. Classic Cougar Tech
    I picked up an alternator from the pick-a-part today from a 96 taurus and the brackets and wiring are pretty straight forward. I'm wondering though, do I have to change to a v-belt set up since the new Alt has a v-belt and the old one has a regular belt. How difficult is it to do? I've...
  7. Classic Cougar Tech
    I was in the process of replacing my alternator on my '68 with a 302, when I realized that I completely lost the retaining bolts that you use to attach it back onto the block. Does anybody know what the bolt sizes are etc? Thanks
1-7 of 7 Results