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  1. General Cougar Discussions
    I just purchased a customized version of Old Air Products complete A/C system part # CAP-1268M-289, for my non A/C 1968 Cougar powered by a '69 351w and a FMX. Are there any pitfalls I should be avoiding during the installation process?
  2. General Cougar Discussions
    Suddenly (no logical reason) I can't get fresh air into the car without it being heated. In fact, no matter what control setting I choose...including a/c...brings me ONLY Hot Air! I'm thinking the air-flow "blend" door is stuck or there's a valve controlling heated radiator fluids stuck in the...
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi. Are the heater controls on a '68 Cougar basically the same as on a Mustang? The reason why I'm asking is if I buy an aftermarket A/C system that is designed to fit on a '68 Mustang (non-factory A/C) and work with its controls, will I be able to make it work with the controls on my...
1-3 of 3 Results