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  1. 8.8 Rear End swap spring perches

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey guys, i'm putting a 8.8 rear end from a Foxbody Mustang into a 68 Cougar. I've done the swap before on a 66 Mustang and everything went well as far as setting pinion angle and centering it. The only thing I can't remember is the size of the spring perches I'm supposed to buy to weld onto...
  2. 67 std 351w supercharged ati procharger 8psi c6 explorer8.8 any advice welcomed

    High Performance
    Ok so here's my plan I have a 67 std 289 2v c4 8" but the interior is stripped and im not interested in doing a full restoration so what I want to do is 351w supercharged ati procharger 8psi with aftermarket heads then swap in a c6 I plan on running a 3.73 ratio explorer 8.8 31spline disc brakes...
  3. fellas

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Do you think an 8.8 inch rear end from a 1994 Ford Ranger would work for the Cat? any adjustments or welding? my rear end is an 8 inch and had had enough, one of the seals gave way and its now leaking gear oil out the passenger side into the drum...