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  1. Classic Cougar Tech
    I've recently bought a 1970 XR7 hardtop and one of the major needs is replacing the upholstery. It is the black and white houndstooth cloth with black vinyl. Ken's Cougars has it listed on their site but I find that their source for the cloth has run out. They informed me that there is a similar...
  2. 70 XR7 Q code 428 4sp.

    This photo was taken the day i got her. The guy i bought her from did a lot of wood working in the garage this car was in. thats why its covered in sawdust.
  3. Paint shop here we come!

    We're painting it zinc yellow and addinga spoiler, the vinyl top comes off!
  4. On the way to the Paint shop

    I'm taking my car tget painted yellow like an eliminator. The vinyl top is coming off and a rear spoiler is being added.
  5. another one

  6. my 70 xr7

  7. rear 70 xr7

    view point from a chevy
  8. all primer

    here is a photo of her as she stands today 6/4/03 I'm thinking orange!!
  9. 351C 4bbl

    351C 4bbl, 370 gears, MSD ignition, polished aluminum valve covers, soon to have 250 shot of nitrous
1-9 of 9 Results