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  1. Help with a mystery

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I just bought a 1970 xr7 and while looking for a drain o the battery I came across something I don't know what it is . It was hanging next to the fuse box under the dash . Its a small box with a label on it saying " TYPE II ELECTROINICS PKG. (Only works with TYPE II Harness and servo) . It has...
  2. 69-70 A/C Thermostat Settings?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Anybody know the design set points for Cut-Out and Cut-In temperatures for the A/C thermostat (icing switch) for a 70 Cougar? In checking the A/C system components I found the switch not functioning (not opening in an ice bath). Working with the adjustments I was able to restore...
  3. 70 restomod

    Cougar Community Discussion
    The back story on this cougar. in 1972 my wife's grandmother on her mothers side purchased this car. Before she passed away my father in law asked if he could buy the car from her, as he had always loved it. Well she decided to give it to him and he has had the car since the mid 90's i...
  4. denver cougar nationals

    denver cougar nationals

    Denver cougar nationals with a fine looking 70 Cougar
  5. pass side

    pass side

    down off rotisary and going together
  6. Engine bay

    Engine bay

    Engine bay painted satin black