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  1. Classic Cougar Tech
    After a year of owning my cougar and ignoring the 5 Rubbermaid bins of interior parts that came with it, it is time for me to start thinking about assembling the interior. The problem is it was taken apart 27 years ago by the past owner and all the labels have fallen off. Could please I get...
  2. Cougar Community Discussion
    I have a 69 cougar I'm building in to a fun 300 something horsepower daily. The guy that had the car before me wanted to build the highest option cougar but never got around to it, so the car came with bins full of rare parts including 69 xr7 tilt away column. I really want to have this in my...
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    I'm trying to build a 1969 daily that I can take to the drag strip once in a while. I was set on getting 4 1/2 leaf mid eyes with polyurethane bushings until I found out WCCC is the only place that sells the polyurethane bushings for Cougars, so it would cost around $160 (with shipping) to get...
  4. Classic Cougar Bodywork
    Looking to straighten a rear valance on my 69 vert, that was crushed by what looks like a bad tow job with belts...PO didn't know how this happened. (see pic). Have removed old bumper and have a new one ready to go on, but wanted to fix this first. Any body guys in the Snohomish WA area? Thx
  5. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hi you all! I own a 69 standard Cougar, this is my first thread and is time to change up the tires. I've been looking at the forum and saw lots of threads about this topic but nothing that cleared my doubts about the "perfect" tires sizes. Now the questions: I'm running all four wheels 15x7''...
  6. 69-70 Parts for Sale
    Very clean rolling shell in primer, no rust. Used as parts car for a project. Alot of parts left, and in excellent shape to start or finish another project. I'd like to sell it as a whole, or can price parts individually. Located in Republic, MO. Questions, please call 417-886-5353 or 417-353-2381
  7. Pre purchase picture 1

    first view of my new 69 cat
  8. Pre purchase picture 1

    first view of my new 69 cat
  9. 69 cougar and owner

    Front passenger side view with Dave
  10. Brighton Cruise 28 Sept

    With stripes and sport mirrors added. Lookin' better all the time
  11. wrecked

    I bought this off a guy for the engine. It only has 200 miles on rebuilt cleveland. I wasn't going to buy it till I seen the windsor had been swapped.
  12. Klondike's 69 Cougar

    The color is Wedgewood blue used from 1997-2000 on ford trucks
  13. My son's 69 Std

    My son's 69. It all started with this one and then I had to give it to him
1-13 of 13 Results