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68 xr7

  1. Cat's on the prowl

    Cat's on the prowl

    My 68 XR7 and a friends 69 R code XR7 at a carshow
  2. Eldons 68 XR7

    Eldons 68 XR7

    Love this 68 xr7 - belongs to a good friend of mine who also has a 71 convert xr7, 68 GT, 68 Bench and 69 Eliminator.
  3. The butt of the Cat!

    The butt of the Cat!

    I wish there was a 9inch under there!!
  4. 68XR7_01


  5. cougar68-XR7


    Just got back from the yearly inspection. After sitting for 5 years in a garage you would expect some flaws, brakes etc. But to my surprice not a single fault. Incredible, or what
  6. The other side of the 68

    The other side of the 68

    The other side of my 68 XR7 showing off the optional factory wire wheelcovers.
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    [No title]