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    I saw an ad for a 68 Cougar for sale in Oneida, Tn. The price looked way too low, so I emailed through the for sale page. The seller says she is recently divorced and no longer wants the ex's old car, and will sell it for $2700. including shipping. Payment must be made using Google Wallet. I...
  2. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hi there, new here, and at this. i just got myself a 68 cougar XR7 that is a lot like my first car. for the picture lovers, when i saw the ad while surfing, it reminded me of my first car. i went and got in Victoria, BC, and drove it 4200 Km home. it has...
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    Im 16 and bought a 1968 mercury cougar about 3 months ago and have been working on it constantly, i bought a set of american racing ansen sprint rims but the holes are oval. i know this is because they are universal ive been looking everywhere for the offset oval washers and lugnuts but cant...
  4. 68 cougar xr-7

    68 cougar xr-7

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  6. Custom made

    Custom made

  7. 302 2v

    302 2v

  8. STD


  9. STD


  10. Flamed Cat

    Flamed Cat

  11. Flamed Cat

    Flamed Cat

  12. XR-7


  13. XR-7


  14. XR-7


  15. Xr-7


  16. XR-7


    Detailed it 2 yrs ago.It now has the Autolite battery .
  17. XR-7


    Don't see many with these.
  18. XR-7


    Hey,that's not Cardinal Red.
  19. XR-7


  20. My 2 68s

    My 2 68s

    The Red XR-7 i bought new Jan. 68. 302 4v. Was Saxony Yellow untill 86. It now has 68 spinner hubcaps. All stock. Iv'e owned the Green STD 302 2v for 2 1/2 yrs. It's also stock.