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  1. Some assembly required

    Project was put on hold for years. Finally out of paint and ready to reassemble.
  2. my 68 cat

    when I first bought it...
  3. 68 interior

    original seats, the front ones were reupholstered at some point. back ones are not really as dirty as they look in this pic.
  4. 68 dash

    original dash, dashpad, etc
  5. 68 gauges

    original gauges in my 68. parchment interior (trim code AA)
  6. 68 grill

    front end view. the drivers side is a little bit messed up... the valence is drooping and the bumper is dented inward a tad. passenger side fender extension is bent inward a little.
  7. 68 rear

    the back end. i took apart the taillights recently to clean & polish the lenses. (they are original). i think it paid off.. not bad for a 38-year daily-driven survivor
  8. 68 cat

    front view, grill etc
  9. 68cat 2

    another angle
  10. 68cat

    my all-original 68 cat, kept in the family since my grandparents bought it new. its either 302 or 289 2v.
1-11 of 11 Results