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67 cougar

  1. Parts Wanted
    The title says it all. I need a set of 67 Cougar leaf springs only, with or without bushings. I thought I had a good deal, but when I opened the box they were for a 67 Mustang, which are about 4 inches too short. Let me know what kind of deal we can swing.
  2. High Performance
    Ok so here's my plan I have a 67 std 289 2v c4 8" but the interior is stripped and im not interested in doing a full restoration so what I want to do is 351w supercharged ati procharger 8psi with aftermarket heads then swap in a c6 I plan on running a 3.73 ratio explorer 8.8 31spline disc brakes...
  3. Weird dude with mustache checking out Cougars.

    Weird dude with mustache checking out Cougars.

    Some weird mustachioed man checking out the cars at a local 2 day car show in Woodland Park and Cripple Creek.
  4. Cougar Community Discussion
    just wanted to put up a video of my cougar. Just got it fully registered and insured and is now a legal driving car. still alignment needs to be done and some tuning but for the most part she runs strong. eager to see what she can do but have to wait for the motor to break in. only got about 40...
  5. scary67cat


    heart of my cat
  6. 1 Badd  Cat

    1 Badd Cat

  7. New Toy 67 Cougar

    New Toy 67 Cougar

    67 strip car with 68 fenders
  8. 67cougar


    67 cougar in so so condition dont laugh to hard
  9. Backside


    Nice butt huh... but the heart is SO gone
  10. New Cats profile

    New Cats profile

    the side
  11. New Kitty

    New Kitty

    Here is my new play toy... Gotta love people that have no clue what they have " That old thing sure you can have it"
  12. painting


    Here I am checking out the paint. I put masking tape in all of the holes so when I painted the compartment it didn't go everywhere
  13. painting


    Here is the inner fender well painted and ready for suspension. The engine compartment is ready for paint
  14. My First Car

    My First Car

    another pic of my cougar, My first Car! Needs some work huh
  15. My First Car

    My First Car

    After 6 years under a tree This Gal needed a Wash and Some Wax. Not bad for a first car huh
  16. From the So Cal Cougar Club show

    From the So Cal Cougar Club show

    From the West Coast Nationals
  17. Badly needing new paint job

    Badly needing new paint job

    In dire need of a new paint job and a twin snorkle hood scoop to cover the hole in the hood