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  1. Interior

    Here's a better look at the console. Not bad for a couple teenagers huh?
  2. Interior

    All stock interior except for the mohogany console. A buddy and I made.
  3. 289 Engine

    My 289 Engine
  4. Blue

    Front view
  5. Blue

    I really need some new wheels and wider tires, and a new tail light wouldn't hurt :)
  6. Blue

  7. Old and blue, but lookin new.

    This is my first car, and still is! Had her for two years now. Got her when i was 16. I'm 18 now and have some really big plans for her in the spring. Just takes time and $$$ which i ain't got. Holding out on college for a year so i can save some dough to toss into her.
  8. Another shot of my car

    here's my car again, just to show it off, hopefulyl i'll get a paint job soon for it, but untill then, its all performance.
1-10 of 10 Results