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67' cougar

  1. Interior


  2. Interior


    Here's a better look at the console. Not bad for a couple teenagers huh?
  3. Back seat

    Back seat

  4. Interior


    All stock interior except for the mohogany console. A buddy and I made.
  5. 289 Engine

    289 Engine

    My 289 Engine
  6. Blue


    Front view
  7. Blue


    I really need some new wheels and wider tires, and a new tail light wouldn't hurt :)
  8. Blue


  9. Old and blue, but lookin new.

    Old and blue, but lookin new.

    This is my first car, and still is! Had her for two years now. Got her when i was 16. I'm 18 now and have some really big plans for her in the spring. Just takes time and $$$ which i ain't got. Holding out on college for a year so i can save some dough to toss into her.
  10. Another shot of my car

    Another shot of my car

    here's my car again, just to show it off, hopefulyl i'll get a paint job soon for it, but untill then, its all performance.