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  1. Cougar Community Discussion
    I got a hold of a 1977 Ford box truck with a 460 engine in it with 77,157 original miles!, but it turns out that the back registration is $2500 to put it on the road. Soooooo, I was thinking of pulling the engine and trans, and scrapping the body. I intend on keeping it very stock, considering...
  2. Cougars for Sale
    I have a 1974 Cougar XR-7 that was a Special Ordered Car. It came with tons of Options. A list of the Options this car has is listed below. Power Steering, Pwr Disc Brakes, Pwr Windows, Door Locks, Power Seats that are Special Black Leather Buckets. A/C, Cruise and Tilt Wheel, Electric Rear...
  3. 460

    It was nice to see one in real life, and not just pictures on the net, this one is in a F100.
  4. 460 shortblock

    Heres the bottom end, done, just waiting for the backordered Comp cam. Has hyper flattops and has been decked to zero.
  5. 460 intake side

    Better than stock. I didnt spend days polishing to a mirror finish as I dont belive it helps much really.
  6. 460 exhaust port

    Much better than stock!
1-6 of 6 Results