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  1. General Cougar Discussions
    Today was Cascade Cougar Clubs Prowl 2014. We had some 44 cars in attendance. Well over 30 were Cougars. I took a lot of pictures as well as others from the club. Here are some of mine in no particular order. DSC_0062 I’m wondering if Mercury offered any other color for 1969 XR-7 Convertibles...
  2. Cougars for Sale
    This is a running driving project car that is currently in primer with a 351c and FMX. The original drive train was separated from it many years ago (gas crunch era?) SOLID underside, no bubbles or wrinkles in the aprons, nice original leather and dash pad with no splits, even the driver side...
  3. before pic 428 CJ - 4spd

    this is the engine before I tear is up and clean it up to paint. detail, tune up etc.... 428 CJ 4spd Mach 1 3.91 rear loaded mach 1 with 85 K original miles
1-3 of 3 Results