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  1. 351c 4v headers

    High Performance
    I recently purchased a 68 cougar with a stock looking 351C 4v. I pulled the motor out to work on the body and since its out I'm going to add some easy upgrades. I was wondering what kind of headers can I put on, I've good and bad things about shortys. Maybe hookers are the way to go? I would...
  2. -69 cougar -70 351C lower radiator hose

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi guys, I've been searching for a lower radiator hose for my setup and looked at Gates 20609, 20697, goodyear 61301 and similar. Can anyone confirm if the 20609 is my best choice here? I'm located in Sweden and just looking at pictures doesn't convince me... :-) I've got an aftermarket...
  3. Engine shakes at idle

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi guys, Over the summer I imagine my engine has started to shake more than usual at idle/warm up. It behaves just like the 351C in this youtube clips where someone states that it's caused by the rubber-ish motor mounts. I have those in my car together with a mild performance 351C. Do these...
  4. New power steering pump

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi guys, My PS pump has failed and needs to be replaced. I think I've figured out that I have an ford galaxie -71 pump installed today (ID tag HBA BV1)... I have a cougar -69 with an 351C in it. Now to the question, I think I'm going to install an saginaw pump and at the same time install some...
  5. Cougar -69 351C, best headers?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi gurus, I'm looking to replace my headers (and the whole exhaust system) to a) get a little bit lower temp under the hood, b) try to get a little bit more clearance between the headers and the walls in the engine room, c) get rid of some bad vibration noise from my home built exhaust system...
  6. 351C Ford motorsport cam info needed

    High Performance
    Hi guys, I purchased a cam for my 351 Boss back in the 1990's from Ford Motorsport but I can't remember the duration. It's lift is 0.510 intake and 0.515 or 0.520 exhaust. Does anybody have more details, even a catalog number? Thanks James
  7. Please Restore Me! 1970 Cougar XR7 Coupe 351c, 4spd, $3400 OBO

    Cougars for Sale
    I'm selling it B/C I have to much time & money invested in my 70 XR7 Rag-Top. I have 95% of the parts needed to put it back together including the very expensive hard to find wide ratio 4 speed tranny (I payed $1100 for the tranny alone in rebuilt condition so it's ready to bolt into the...
  8. 351c w/ c6 into a 1967 Cougar

    High Performance
    Hello I am going to drop a well built 351c / TCI street fighter C6 into my 67. Does anyone else have this setup? My concern is clearance using that transmission. I was running the 351c with a 4 speed prior to this setup.
  9. 1970 Cougar for sale

    Cougars for Sale
    Hi All, <FONT face=Arial><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:[email protected] or call my cell: 703-314-1985 if you have any questions.
  10. how to simplifiy

    High Performance
    Is there a way i can simplify my engine bay? I want to yank out all of the unneccassry vacuum components and clean up the engine. What vacuums lines do i NEED to keep? Im getting just a simple chrome air breather. oh and its a 1973 mercury cougar xr7 351c. like i said i want to simplify bc...
  11. 351C


    This is the 351c that was in my 68 when I bought it... told it hit 400 on the dyno, but never saw the papers.
  12. 351c 2v

    351c 2v

    engine has been "warmed" up but not yet "hot"
  13. 351C 4bbl

    351C 4bbl

    351C 4bbl, 370 gears, MSD ignition, polished aluminum valve covers, soon to have 250 shot of nitrous
  14. RayJ's 70 XR7

    RayJ's 70 XR7

    This is my toy, a 70 XR7, 351C 4bbl, houndstooth seats.
  15. close up of 351C

    close up of 351C

    a close up look while it's still clean.