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  1. 1967 Cougar XR7, 289, 4spd for sale

    Cougars for Sale
    $12,500 Located in Rockaway, NJ All pics and info on Craigslist ad. Text 73two-278-zero115 for more info.
  2. 289 and 302 Heads Compatible?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I found a couple of heads (a 289 and a 302) for $50 on CList. They look like they are in decent shape, though a valve or two may need replacing. I was wondering if I could take them and have someone do a good valve job on them to match a set of heads I'd like get but can't afford. Is it doable...
  3. Stall During Heavy Braking

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Today I was driving though town when a light turned red in the "no man's land" where you don't know whether to hit the brakes or the gas. I hit the brakes pretty hard. At this point, I lost the power brakes. I stopped then noticed that the engine was off. I threw the tranny in neutral and...
  4. 289 Redline?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Does anyone know what the redline is for a stock Ford Racing 289? Want to put a tach in but it's an aftermarket with an adjustable redline.
  5. GT40 Heads for sale

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    Hey I guys I have some rebuilt GT40 3 bar heads and some rebuilt GT40P heads in my shop ready to go on a motor. The GT40's have tank and mag, 3 angle valve job, surfaced, new plugs and stem seals. The GT40P's have the same treatment but have enlarged stainless steel valves at 1.94INT and...
  6. High oil pressure in a 67 289

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi Guys, I just got my first Cougar, it's a 67 with 289 auto. It's been customized years ago with fender flares and shaved door handles but the previous owner says mechanically it hasn't been changed. My concern is I put a set of new Auto Meter mechanical gauges in (I always put gauges in my...
  7. New Cougar New Member the car is a 37xxx mile DGS survivor!

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Howdy, I joined here just a short time ago in anticipation of the purchase of my 1967, 37xxx mile Dan Gurney Special survivor! I now own it and have been doing some research and digging on the car. Nothing has been replaced. I think that the spark plugs are even original! I have taken pictures...
  8. California 1967 XR-7 For Sale

    Cougars for Sale
    Hello, The time has come to sell my 1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7. I've been the owner since 2004. Here are some quick specs: 289ci V-8 Automatic Transmission (Not sure if C4 or C6) Aftermarket Pieces include: 600 CFM Carter 4B Carb. (Just rebuilt) Edelbrock Upper Intake MSD Ignition system MSD...
  9. My Bayybay

    My Bayybay

  10. 65 289 heads rebuilt

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    Hey I have some 289 Heads from a 65 Mustang that got the full machine shop treatment. These heads have been magged, tanked, fresh valve job, new bronze valve guides,new valve stem seals, surfaced, new freeze plugs, hardened seats for modern gas. Painted Ford blue. Includes stamped rockers...
  11. 67 cougar ignition wiring

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I need help from everyone about the wiring for the ignition. I have two 67 cougars. One I have had for over 10 years. The other one for 6 years it was a rolling chassis with a transmission in it and no motor. I am having lots of problems with the wiring. Both the cars have different wiring...
  12. Junkyard Mods - 1987 302 Hydraulic roller tappet camshaft

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey guys, just been fooling around with an engine I got laying around and I found some pretty neat things. It's an 87 HO mustang engine and I like what I'm seeing so far. It has forged TRW pistons and Forged I beam rods, so thats an upgrade I'm taking advantage of, According to Joe Sherman...
  13. radiator overflow

    High Performance
    So i just installed my new 24 inch aluminum radiator with 2 rows of 1 inch tubes over the weekend... the radiator works GREAT! no more over heating problems not even a little bit! but i still have an over flow problem. i thought before it was because my car was over heating. but now the...
  14. 1968 Cougar 289 misfiring

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hello folks, I just purchased/rebuilding a 68 cougar with a 289 engine that has sat for about 5 years. The distributor was missing the cap/points/condenser etc. when I got it so I basically tuned it up and got it started. However I am getting some serious misfires and I have identified a few...
  15. Finally on the road!!! (video)

    Cougar Community Discussion
    just wanted to put up a video of my cougar. Just got it fully registered and insured and is now a legal driving car. still alignment needs to be done and some tuning but for the most part she runs strong. eager to see what she can do but have to wait for the motor to break in. only got about 40...
  16. 1967 Mercury Cougar 289 for sale

    Cougars for Sale
    1967 Mercury Cougar 289 V8 Located in Roanoke, Va. $6995 OBO. Good condition, original interior and parts. New fuel pump. Photos available at: Build Information: VIN: 7F91C548006 Body: 65A, Color: Y Trim: 2G, Date: 03A, DSO: 21, Axle: 0...
  17. transmission identification

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I'm new to the Ford engine/tranny family, and I have a 1967 Merc with a 289 Hi-Po but I don't know what trannys they used. Is it the C4?. I want to buy a rebuild kit, and I dont know how to identify it, HELP!
  18. How many horsepower in my 289

    High Performance
    How many horse is my 1967 289 posibly running. It has a 4barrel Edelbrock carb, performer intake, and full length header As Far as I know stock cam. 1967 Cougar
  19. 302 Crate Engine

    302 Crate Engine

    Getting it "Dust Free" for the Fabulous Fords Show at Knott's Berry Farm.