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  1. 71-73 Quarter Panels for Sale

    71 & Up Parts for Sale
    I have a whole 71 4V Cougar (green), no motor or tranny, but the body is in good shape, but needs floorboard work. Looking to get $700 for that car. I also have the back half of a 73 Cougar (yellow) and the quarter panels are in good shape - $600 for it.
  2. Our 1971 and 1970 at Daytona

    Our 1971 and 1970 at Daytona

  3. 71-73 Console Clock

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Anyone have any restoration work done on their 71-73 console clock? Where did you send it out or what did you do to get it working again? Mine's not working but looks pretty clean.
  4. Will '74 parts be compatible my '71

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey, I just found an $800 '74 Cougar and thought that it would be a great part car for my '71... if the parts are compatible. Anybody know if they are? Is it worth it?
  5. 71 XR7 radio problems

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I bought a 71 XR7 in the fall and it came with the stock radio. However, the radio was in the trunk. I have been having a hard time figuring out to hook the thing up. I have some suspicions that some altercations have been done to the wiring. Can anybody fill me in on how things should be...