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1969 s code 390 xr7 4 speed convertible
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  1. 1969 S code 390 XR7 4 speed convertible

    Another updated pic, the car has had most trim put in place since this pic. I need rocker trim!! The wheels did not come originally with the wheels. I found a decent set a few years ago. They are not repros so I had some work to do. they came out real nice. I have some better condition centers. The
  2. 1969 S code 390 XR7 4 speed convertible

    Hey this is an updated progress shot of the engine compartment, check old photos in my gallery to see bad it was. The nice thing about the car as it was complete and original. I have the orignal starter relay, but put a new one on to eliminate any issues. I also have original alternator. The radiato
1-2 of 2 Results