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  1. Boss 9 Gauge Cluster

    Here is the gauge cluster. Only about 28,000 miles. My dad put 20000 on it.
  2. Boss 9 Engine Bay 2

    Another dirty pic. My dad did put a headers on it and a different exhaust system.
  3. Boss 9 Engine Bay

    Here is the very dirty Engine Bay. You can give the credit to my dad FOR NOT GETTING THIS CAR OUT!
  4. Playin' around with THE BOSS

    You can tell it has been down there a long time. Thats me, and my brother. I am the older one. We include all our family members in fun and games, hahah. The Boss is still there and hasn't moved an inch. I WANT TO DRIVE THAT CAR!!!!
  5. Boss 9's drag racin'

    Here is my dad drag racing. He beat him. The car is for sale but he doesn't advertise. He wants someone to give him an offer. He doesn't advertise because he doesn't have too. Everyone knows its in our basement and it is way too much money. Hell, I do more advertising on this car than he does
  6. The Boss interior

    Here is the bad ass interior. I can't believe how far down you sit in the car. The dash is huge.
  7. My dad's 1969 Boss 429

    Here is my dad's 1969 Boss 429. Its all original except for the hood, wheels, and some engine upgrades. He has all the original parts I think. I would love to drive it sometime before I die. he won't get it out. It has been sitting in our basement since I was like 3 or 4. I am 21 now!!!! He
1-7 of 7 Results