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1968 mercury cougar xr-7 modified hi-po 289 4v
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  1. 1968 XR-7 Modified

    Here is a pic of all the decals I have on it. I call my spoiler the "sponsor spoiler" because I have all the stuff I use on my car, truck, dirtbike, and motorcycel. As you can see, I don't care what it looks like because the paint is faded really badly even though it doesn't look bad
  2. 1968 XR-7 Modified

    Here is a side view of the front right fender with some decals I made except for the Ford Motorsport one.
  3. 1968 XR-7 Modified

    Here is the mostly stock interior. I will keep it stock too and I will even put the orginal 8 track back in it but put a cd player under the dash. It has a Grant steering wheel and Black seat covers to hide my crappy torn seats, hahah. The interior needs to be totally redone, from the carpet to
  4. 1968 XR-7 Modified

    Here is the "mean view." I call it "Mean Merc," because, well, just look at it. I get a lot of comments on the sticker on my front spoiler. I made the Cougar decal on the wind shield too. It's easy to make with a photo shop program. I just took a Cougar and stretched it o
  5. 1968 XR-7 Modified

    Here is the rear view. I installed a new duel exhaust system with Monza 4" exhaust tips and Ravin Performance mufflers. It has Hedman headers that have been ceramic coated. When I restore the car, I will put another exhaust system on it because it isn' loud enough!!
  6. 1968 XR-7 Modified

    This is a pic of my 1968 XR-7 Modified. I still have many plans for it like a bored and stroked 351W to 393 or 408. Right now it has a Hi-Po 289, C-4 auto, Eliminator rear spoiler, chin spoiler, original interior that needs a lot of work. It is my daily driver and has never given me any probl
1-6 of 6 Results