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  1. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hi, my name is Parker I am currently only a day into owning a cougar. I have a 1968 which is a bit of a project, and had a question. The rear passenger side quarter window has fallen, and I am wondering how do I get it back up and fix it.
  2. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey guys, after 15 years of thinking I was going to get started on wrapping up restoring my 68 XR7 that I started in 1998, thwarted by trying to start a business, having kids, building a garage, etc. I'm finally moving forwards. Going to post up as I go for any advice, suggestions, heckling...
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a '68 XR7 that I'm converting to factory power disc brakes, and from auto-trans to T5. Years ago I pulled a power brake pedal out of a '68 automatic that looks like this: If I...
  4. Classic Cougar Bodywork
    My '68 XR7 deluxe wheel pad has spent many years disassembled and stored. Its in great shape, pliable, no cracks etc. BUT, now that I'm putting it back together the plastic insert no longer fits, the recess for it is about 1/8" shorter (lengthwise) than it used to be. Has anyone encountered...
  5. Parts Wanted
    I am looking for a roof for a 1968 Mercury Cougar. Prefer to purchase one in the Carolinas or the Southeast. Please advise if you have one available.
  6. Blog
    I have a 1968 mercury cougar xr7 that I'm parting out.what ever your looking for let me know. I have the hood fenders and doors in primer. Make me offer contact me at 2035005253
  7. Cougars for Sale
    I really do have to get it gone. 1968 Xr7 polar white original paint interior is a light blue and other then the front 2 seats the interior is in great condition. the floors in the front have rusted out and will need replaced Ive done what i could to at least slow the process(that's the only...
  8. 1968 Cougar XR7

    Another toy from the past.A nice little 302 C4 auto cat. Gone a lone time now.. Bruce
1-8 of 8 Results