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  1. Cougars for Sale
    1967 Cougar 289 w/ C4 EVERYTHING WORKS -Holley Sniper Stealth electronic fuel injection. -Complete Holley MSD Hyperspark ignition system (distributor, coil, digital ignition box, MSD wires) -Completely new fuel delivery (new tank, electric in tank pump, new line, etc..) -Vintage Air AC system...
    $20,000 USD
  2. 67-68 Parts for Sale
    Have a set (4) NOS wheel moldings for sale. Received them with my first cougar when I bought it in 1999 and previous car owner bought them directly from Ford in mid 70’s. He had test fitted the rear two once but besides that they are in perfect condition. Any suggestions on pricing? I’ve seen...
  3. 67-68 Parts for Sale
    Can find no stampings but I believe these are 67/68 cougar wheels. One of the "beauty" rings has some curb rash but otherwise chrome OK condition and seem usable. Located near Madison, WI; only have 2 wheels; make an offer and they're yours!
  4. Cougars for Sale
    $12,500 Located in Rockaway, NJ All pics and info on Craigslist ad. Text 73two-278-zero115 for more info.
  5. Parts Wanted
    Prefer 1968 Blue but will consider other colors if the condition is suitable for re-coloring. Since new is $411 from Summit Racing, I am obviously looking to pay somewhat less. Also willing to trade for some or all of the cost. Feel free to contact via PM. Located in SoCal. Steven
  6. Cougars Wanted
    In my role with the Cascade Cougar Club, I was contacted by a gentleman who wants to buy his wife a 1967 Cougar. He is looking for a "done" car and preferably relatively local to the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon). She has always wanted one and now he wants to buy one as a gift. I...
  7. Parts Wanted
    Hi, Looking for a nice 67 68 XR7 center A/C vent. Send me a photo and a price to [email protected] Thanks.
  8. High Performance
    I'm doing an EFI conversion with a 1990 Mustang 302 with Pro Comp heads installed, but cant seem to get the shorty headers to fit. I'm using the original motor mounts, Zbar for cable clutch, and shorty headers for 1990 mustang. Do I need shorty headers for my 67 year car or the ones I have for a...
  9. Cougar Community Discussion
    Would like to poll the Cougar community. I have a '67 Cougar XR-7 GT 4-speed manual. Unfortunately, a previous owner had long ago replaced the original 390 with a 289 so it's no longer a # matching car. Supposedly, the previous owner was a Ford mechanic, and preferred the lighter (and slightly...
  10. 1967 Cougar Restomod

    Shown here at one of her first car shows....
  11. Cougars for Sale
    Hello, The time has come to sell my 1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7. I've been the owner since 2004. Here are some quick specs: 289ci V-8 Automatic Transmission (Not sure if C4 or C6) Aftermarket Pieces include: 600 CFM Carter 4B Carb. (Just rebuilt) Edelbrock Upper Intake MSD Ignition system MSD...
  12. Cougar Community Discussion
    Just joined today. After 8+ years of storage and months in the shop, my '67 Std 289 purrs like new. I noticed the spare is a Goodrich F70x14 whitewall. Looks very old, but still holds air. The car has 70k miles... is it possible the spare is an original? If so, is it worth holding on to? Thanks!
  13. My Bayybay

  14. Classic Cougar Tech
    I need help from everyone about the wiring for the ignition. I have two 67 cougars. One I have had for over 10 years. The other one for 6 years it was a rolling chassis with a transmission in it and no motor. I am having lots of problems with the wiring. Both the cars have different wiring...
  15. Cougar Community Discussion
    Been lurking for some time now and decided to introduce myself... My name is Bill, my two sons Beau (the dark haired smaller one) and Hunter (the big guy) are restoring a 67 A code Cougar. Beau's EFI 68 XR7 was crushed by a snow laden limb last winter so it is going to donate some parts before...
  16. SoCal Cougar Club
    I'm restoring a 1967 Cougar and would like to know if any of you fellow Cougar owners know of any good places to source parts— original and aftermarket—in Orange County. I'm mainly looking for exterior and interior trim pieces. I know there are some sources online, but I would prefer to...
  17. Lost and Found
    I am looking for my first car or at least info on it if the present owner doesn't want to give it up. It was a 1967 Cougar, blue, Landou top, with console and tambor door, 3 speed automatic and I sold it around 1979-1980 at my home in Ben Lomond, California, located in the Santa Cruz mountains...
  18. Cougar Community Discussion
    How do I decode my VIN? 7F91C563946 Thanks. Andrew
  19. Cougar Community Discussion
    I read that a 69/70 trunk lid will fit on a 67. I need a trunk lid and found a 69 in much better shape than I'm finding 67/68 lids at a better price. Does anyone have pics or has anyone used a 69/70 lid on their car? My car isn't anywhere close to it's original state so I don't mind doing what...
1-19 of 42 Results