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  1. 1960 Ford Panel Truck

    Here is the engine. It is a 302 2V. It is very strong. It has some weird valve covers on it. I am planning on putting a 351 W bored and stroked to a 393 or 408.
  2. 1960 Ford Panel Truck

    I will probably put a suspension lift on it too. My uncle gave me his 1985 Bronco so I decided to use the frame. If anyone needs any parts, just let me know. I still have everything except the grille insert.
  3. 1960 Ford Panel Truck

    Here it is with the new frame under it. That is all body lift too!!
  4. 1960 Ford Panel Truck

    As you can see, the bottom of the rear doors are really rusty and aren't really worth fixing. But, since I can't find any used ones, I will probably fix them.
  5. 1960 Ford Panel Truck

    Another side view. The truck was really a piece of crap when I bought it but I got most of it fixed. The cab mounts were gone and normal rust around the rear fender wells. The rear doors are really bad too.
  6. 1960 Ford Panel Truck

    Here is a side view. I added the side pipes, Mach 1 Mustang rear spoiler, cowl induction hood scoop, wheels and tires.
  7. 1960 Ford Panel Truck

    This is my truck project I am working on now, then I will work on my Cougar. It's really a 1958 Truck but it has a 1960 Front clip. I am currently installing a full size Bronco frame under it so it will be four wheel drive.
1-7 of 7 Results