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Thread: Please Read - New Guys/Ladies

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    Please Read - New Guys/Ladies

    Please don't forget to post your vin #'s on Phil Parcell's database, at CCOA.

    Database Project

    On-Line Registration Form
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    database project

    This was the first thing I did when I aquired my 69 XR7 coupe this spring. They give you a nice printable readout (free BTW) of exactly what the VIN number indicates. In my case it was dead-on as I have the original sales bill, etc and the info they provided matched the documentation that I have, exterior color, interior, etc. This is a great service for just registering your cat.
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    Ok a few quick questions about this. I have 3 different vin numbers. One is off of my 68 standard cougar, one is off the door from this car, and the last one is from my 67 XR7 body. Now this gets a little interesting here and I'll try to explain it the best I can.
    Originally I started out restoring a 68 standard cougar with a bench seat in it. When we got into welding we found out the frame was too far gone, so it's now gone. I found a bare-bone 67 XR7 frame. So I took all my 68 standard parts and am putting them on the 67 with some modifications to make the 67 XR7 to look like a 68 XR7. I'm doing this because I don't want it to look like this mix between a 67 and 68 cougar. The door I'm putting on the 67 XR7 has a different vin number though. This is the one that came off of the 68 standard cougar, but it wasn't the car's original door. So here are my questions.

    1. When I register this car should I use the 67 XR7's vin number or the one off of the door?
    2. Since I don't know where this door came from what do I tell them about the car itself?
    3. Also when I register the car, under the year should I put it as a 67 XR7 or do I put it as a 68 XR7? I'm asking this becuase in the end it'll look like a 68 XR7.

    I think that's all my questions. Any help one this would be very helpful. Thanks.


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    Regardless of what the car will look like, officially you should consider it to be a 67 XR7. Use the vin# that is on the title for the car body, not the door. A lot of Cougars are driving around without the original doors, so don't worry about the origin.

    Good Luck
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    Yeah I agree, whatever chassis you use should be the one you register the car as, basically though it would probably be better to totally re-register the car with a new chassis number and engine number, wonder if you can do that there. Over here if we have a car without a chassis number, for whatever reason, the police or DMV will stamp a new number on the chassis and it can then be registered by filling in all the details, obviously the police will check that it is not stolen etc to the best of their ability - which is unfortunately - not saying much. Its not the door that counts, the details are only on there for convenience, they could be anywhere, on the Oz Fords for example that sort of information is normally on a plate that is riveted under the seat.

  7. I tried to do the (VIN DECODER) but when I hit enter I get.... Input string was not in a correct format.

    What am I doing wrong?

  8. Vin

    If you email me it I should be able to decode it..The old fashion way with a book. Ray

  9. Hey guys, I own a 1979 Mercury Cougar XR7. It has the 302/2bbl motor. The car isn't in that mad of shape, just some cosmetic work needs to be done. Is my car cool enough for this forum?

  10. Hey

    Hey guys! I'm new the this site. I have a 1977 RX7 cougar with moon roof. I also have a second 78 cougar that i'm going to begin restoring soon. I did the paint job on the 77 last year and i wanna start on the 78 soon.

  11. registered

    Just finished registering the new aquisition in the database. Still need to join the CCOA. Have been a member of the MCA for many years and have owned/restored many Mustangs/Fairlanes/Torinos and a couple of Mercury's in the past...68 Cyclone 390GT and a 69 Cyclone Q code car many years ago.

    The car I just found and aquired is an original paint/interior 1972 XR7, Q code 351CJ, factory 4 speed (5), A/C and many other options. Light pewter metallic (5A)with black (DA) interior and landau roof. Has the 5 slot styled steel wheels. Original exhaust still intact and underhood unmolested, other than a carb rebuild. I'm currently waiting on it's delivery to the house.

    More to come as I get into the car!

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    Hi, I'm new to this site and seem to be having trouble following the link to register my Cougar I just bought. It keeps saying page not available. Any suggestions? I'd really like to find out the scope on the car. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by GFTL#8 View Post
    Hi, I'm new to this site and seem to be having trouble following the link to register my Cougar I just bought. It keeps saying page not available. Any suggestions? I'd really like to find out the scope on the car. Thanks
    Welcome, Try this link.
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    Registration Link

    Thanks alot for the link. I am offically registered.

  15. my cat sounds brand new

    im new to this forum guys
    i have a 92 anniversary that to new to talk to you all?

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    Just picked up a great 69 with the SS Chrome accents.
    I will register it soon its my 2nd Cougar (the 1st being a sweet black 88 R.I.P) and 1st classic Cat!
    Looking forward to picking everyones brains on tech issues.


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