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Thread: Should I get 5 wheels or 4?

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    Re: Should I get 5 wheels or 4?

    Quote Originally Posted by maxgig View Post
    Thanks all for the knowledge and 69xr7vert for the spreadsheet. I decided on getting 4 wheels since I already bought a full sized spare. I'm going with a 5.25in BS and 0 offset. I'll be placing the order the end of the month and having them delivered to my house in KS. Thanks again.
    What rim width? I dunno for sure but that BS might be a lot for the front. Keep in mind my spreadsheet is for the back (fixe wheel). From my experience (alone, it's all I have to offer), I have 17 x 8 with 4.5" BS on the front and it works, barely. I have had evidence of the tire catching the wheel well opening molding at least once (suspension action while in a turn I figure). Not sure how much margin there is on the inside when the wheels are turned (which is where you will have more wheel/tire with a 5.25" BS vs. my 4.5" BS), maybe it will be fine but I could not say for sure.
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    Re: Should I get 5 wheels or 4?

    I'm putting 18x8.5 on all four. I've asked a ton of questions of the rim guy and those are just 2 more to get clarification on. You say you sometimes have rubbing issues up front with a 4.5" BS. I didn't think of the fronts, so I'll ask about that and have him punch in the numbers and see what works best. To recap I was going to do 18x8.5 all around with a 5.25" BS and 0 offset. Based on new information I'll look into the previous numbers for the rear only and 18x8.5 up front with a 4.5" BS and 0 offset.
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