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Thread: 71 - 73 Cougar Owners List

  1. Picked up my '73 hardtop 351C 2v FMX this weekend. Thanks to the good people here, it has been determined that she is Saddle Bronze Metallic, possibly with the Bronze Age Package. Like a proud papa, I show you the pic....

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    I have a 72 Cougar Convertible, XR-7, Q code. Miles unknown, at leat 178,000.

    New here so not sure how to get you a pic, had it for about 10 yrs, now that last week I started tearing it down, I find this and need a pic. Figures eh?


  3. 71 Gt

    Hi All,
    This is my first post. I have been lurking for a while.

    I have a clean rust free 71 Cougar GT. I am told that several have sold in the last couple years, but I can not even find evidence of any being on the planet. Hmmm. Anyway, this is my baby. 351-4v (M-code), C-6, 9-inch. Grabber green and dark green interior. Hood scoop, Ralley wheels. Just a basic factory hotrod.

    Can't seen to add a picture. Too late to figure it out now.


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  5. I'm looking for a Pic of a 71 Cougar, that is diamond blue on the outside with a navy blue vinyl top & a royal blue interior, I used to own a Cougar like this from 1973 to 1975. I want to show it to my 22 year old Daughter, so she can se what a beautiful car it was, it had a 351 Cleveland, with a 4 barrel, Built in jan of 1971 so it was still the Hi Po motor, it surprised several 396 Camaro's & Chevelle's. Please send the Pic to [email protected] Thanks In advance. Johnnyr

  6. New here, my info

    I just bought a 71 Standard Convertible. It has a 351 Cleveland, it's red with a white top, FMX transmission, 104,000 miles. Interior needs work but the outside looks pretty good. Here's a few pics on my website: http://www.hardskull.com/cougar/

    My info:
    Catwoman aka Raeanne Cormier
    33 yrs old
    Arlington, TX

  7. 1971 Cougar XR7 351C 2V

  8. 71 xr-7

    I have a 71 Xr-7 , C code 429 , c-6 .
    Car is yellow , with black leather , sunroof .....
    I've owned this car for 16 years , wish I could post pictures , but I don't have any on this computer.

  9. Another name

    Guess I could be another name in your forum. Just bought a 73 Cougar for $600 (Canadian) May 1. Took it home, plugged in the VIN, didn't realize what the q-code meant but the decoder says it's a CJ. The car has a 4 bbl carb, hard to tell from the externals if it's the original engine tho. Guess I'll have to pull off the pan and find out. Does have a C6 and a 9-inch trak-loc. Originally bought it for rebuild parts, now it's looking pretty good for a resto. Anybody got any thoughts on production numbers for Q-codes? Up here it takes a few weeks to get a Marti report.

  10. Cool Another Newbie

    Newbie here...
    I finaly cat home this past weekend. It's a '72 XR7 H 351c 2v. It belonged to my Grandfather back in the day. It was sitting under a cover for about 6+ years. She fired up after a new master cylinder, battery and some fresh gas. There is very little surface rust and some minor body damage on the passenger side. The odometer reads a little bit over 46,000. I'll post pics later.

  11. Hi Guys
    Thanks for all the updates on the 71 - 73s I will post the info asap, and congrats to all the new owners.


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    I guess add me to the list

    71 XR7 Comp Yellow, half white top, white interior, C code 429CJ, auto, tilt, AC, styled steel wheels, 200 kpr speedo (export speedo added)

    Owned for about 20 yrs just getting around to it as a project - drivetrain completed
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    Don't know whether I should add my name or my daughter's to the list - she's claiming the '73 XR7; even though the insurance and capital costs will/have come out of my pocket!

    I guess put us both in as sharing a '73 XR7, 351C-2BBl (for now).

    Pictures of Cleo the Big Cat are still floating around here; it was NoKitten's 'til he turned it over to us.

    NoNameKitten (Jessie)
    DesertDawg (Jessie's Dad)

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    Please add me to the list!

    I recently picked up a medium goldenrod yellow over ginger leather 1971 XR7 351C-2V w/C6 and except for the absence of power windows and power locks, it's just like the one I owned way too many years ago! It has been sleeping for the last 15 years and only has 86K original miles!

    Who says you can't ever go back?!


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    New 71

    Hi, I just joined the other day. I have a black 71 XR7, goldenrod interior. 351C-4V, modified FMX. Not my daily drive, but try to get it out of the garage when I can. I'll post up some photos soon.

  16. I know this is a classic site but any help on the new ones 99 through 02 I think?

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