Does this club still exist?
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Thread: Does this club still exist?

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    Does this club still exist?

    Does anybody still follow this club? Are there meetings? The last post was September of last year.

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    Re: Does this club still exist?

    I was wondering the same thing. If any one want to make a meet and greet event in the valley somewhere let me know

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    Re: Does this club still exist?

    I think it only exists on Facebook but they still have a group that gets together regularly and sometimes with the Stray Cats. You may want to get in touch with Gavin Schlesinger who is pretty plugged in to the NorCal Cougar scene.
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    Re: Does this club still exist?

    Former member #91.
    I used to go to ALL the meetings back in the mid to late 1980s. I'd request that evening off work. I think it was the first Wednesday of every month. I was usually one of the first to arrive and last to leave. The coolest thing was talking in the parking lot after the meeting. That's when/where you learned the most. Also, you'd see maybe 20 cars each meeting. I went to a meeting maybe 7 years ago. I think my 91 was the only Cougar there. It was neat to be at a meeting again, but a bummer that there were no Cougars. Times change. There were also lots of 67-70's on the road back in the 80s and one on every used car lot.

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    Re: Does this club still exist?

    Wow....I didn't know the club went back that far. Well if any body in the central valley wants to start something like what Larry said count me in.

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    Re: Does this club still exist?

    NCCC has several people who were hard working and/or helpful. President David Farren (sp?) came up with a great idea to increase membership (and money for car show). This was back when there were lots of Cougars still on the road. His idea was to give one "Cougar Buck" to each member who got another person to join the club. A typical way of doing that was to leave a club flyer on any/every Cougar you saw parked somewhere. At each meeting David would hand out Cougar Bucks to those who earned them. It was fun. A Cougar Buck BTW was worth $1.00 on any club merchandise (shirts, membership, etc.) The king of Cougar Bucks by far was John Swanson aka cougelim70. John seemed to get at least one (usually 2 or more) Cougar Bucks each meeting. It wasn't the $1.00 that was fun, but David made it fun by bring attention to those who earned them.
    fastmerc was President at least once (three years?) and was very helpful to several people including me. Finding stuff for my car. Little important things. Before the Internet made it easier. A wiring harness for my alternator, a smog part for my air cleaner (the thing from the exhaust manifold to the air cleaner), transmission cooling line. Mine had a break in it. Little things that I couldn't drive my car without and couldn't find on my own. Ann Rummel had a dark green 70. She told me Steve (fastmerc) helped her with the car a few times no charge.

    Jim Dresbach (member #2) saw me at Joe Kerley Lincoln Mercury where he worked and got me to join the club. Jim and others had head light clinics (setting the direction) and other clinics at his house and others a few times. I benefited from that. Tom Cherry was President one or two times (three?). He helped me too with headlights that didn't close, and how to hook up intermittent wipers and was an encyclopedia of Cougar info.

    The newsletter was mailed out each month and that was a lot of work. Writing, correctly sorting the pages, Stapling, stamping, addressing, going to the printer, going to the post office.
    NCCC had lots of people I thought were cool including Chuck Mosley who did some work on my car a few times. Dick Fanning had some super cool cars Taladega, 428 Eliminator, Boss 429 (with regular 429 motor), 68 1/2 CJ Mustang factory drag car, something with a tunnelport in it. An early 60's Ford. I forget the model. I respected Chuck enough to listen to him when it was time to get rid of my 70. He convinced me it was right for me in the situation I was in at the time. I wouldn't listen to anyone else, but when Chuck said it, I knew it was time.
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    Re: Does this club still exist?


    I remember those meetings in the 1980's. We did shows at shopping malls and lots of get-togethers. Jim Dresbach got me signed up too. It was cool to be in a convoy of 20+ Cougars driving up I-280 to the SF Zoo. Sorry to hear things have wound down. Back in those days I would go parts hunting in the junkyards in East Palo Alto (but only in the daylight!). There were three or four convertibles being scrapped in one yard.


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    Re: Does this club still exist?

    If I can be of any help to connect you with Cougar owners in Northern California please contact me as my information is posted on and

    We have Cougar owners and enthusiasts all around the SF Bay Area from Monterey up to Southern Oregon.

    Best Regards
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