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    vin. 7f91s543437

    Does any one know of this Cougar??? 1967. I bought new in Feb. 1967. Made a mistake
    like so many others and sold it. Haven't seen it since 1969. Turquose and white, GT, std.
    4 speed trak-lok.

    1969 Std Cougar Convertible
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    Re: vin. 7f91s543437

    You can check with Phil Parcells at [email protected]. He has the database of reported Cougars. If that one has been reported at some point, he'll have all the information that was included in the report.

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    Re: vin. 7f91s543437

    You should enter our contest next month. We are giving away a 1967 GT 4spd project car to the best essay writer, theme is "Why I am the person to save this car".

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