We're going to bring this year's Catistoga into the Napa Valley. We're also going to have a different flavor to the drive this year. We normally just go from winery to winery leaving those who don't drink a bit lost.

We'll hold our meeting @ 11:30a at the Applebee's on 195 Soscol Ave, Napa. The meeting will be short just to cover open items and prepare for the drive. I expect to get on the road by 12:30p THE LATEST. We're going to head into downtown Napa. There are many shops, galleries, and tasting rooms along 1st Street. We'll take an hour to 1.5 hrs there. About 2p we'll head up Silverado Trail to St Helena and then out to Lake Berryessa and then back down to Downtown Napa. Along the way we'll stop and one or two wineries for short visits. From there we can return to downtown Napa and end our day. The total drive is less than 2hrs not including the stops.

If anyone has a recommendation for a winery along the Silverado Trail between Napa & St. Helena please let me know. Otherwise, I'll make the pick.

We're trying to get a head count so if you can let us know either through an email to me or through the poll response that would be great.