I have a 390 engine assembly I can build and I have 390 GT heads and a 390 GT S code four barrel intake too. I also have a 410 Hi Performance engine as well and can offer it with a stock rebuild like the 390 or 390 GT or stroke it with a 4.250 stroker crank and make a very awesome engine. Also have other parts too such as adjustable rocker arm assemblies and more. Cost depends on how you want the engine built. Think about a Stroker FE with 4.250 stroke and a Pair of Edelbrock Aluminum heads and Victor Intake. Email me at [email protected] or call 704-516-8033.

Also; I have a Ford Bush NASCAR 4.5 V-6 engine assembly. A block with light damage to the bottom of a couple of cylinders that can be cleaned up with a die grinder or you can have a couple of sleeves installed. I think it is OK as I have seen many Race Blocks that have the bottoms of the Cylinders machined off. It reduces windage and most Pistons don't go that far down the cylinder anyway. I have been building engines for about 37 years and have worked on a Top 5 NASCAR Team in the Past. The most important thing about installing sleeves is to leave about a 1/4 inch step at the bottom for the sleeve to stop against when you drive them in. I have installed 8 sleeves in a few blocks to take them back to standard and have had not a single problem. The block has 4 bolt main Splayed caps on center mains. It uses Nascar V-8 style 6.200 Carrillo Rods and Pistons similar to what is used with Yates heads. I have a Forged Steel Crank in excellent condition, 6 Rods with the $300.00 Carr Cap Screws, a .721 lift Billet Roller Camshaft with Roller Lifters and Timing Set. I also have Yates type Aluminum Cylinder Heads that I had reconditioned at Keith & Randy Dortons Nascar Shop in Concord NC. Randy Dorton is one of the guys who got killed when the Rick Hendricks Plane Crashed a couple of years ago. Included are a Single Plane Intake Manifold and NEW Ford Racing Valve Covers. An Extra Block without main caps that has damage to the bottoms of some cylinders that may be repairable also goes with the sale. All that is needed is timing cover, distributor, pistons and pushrods. I may have pistons too and can help with the other parts. This is A very good deal on an engine that weighs approximately 380 Pounds and produces over 500 Horsepower in Bush Legal Trim. I have talked to one guy who Races this type of Engine in an Off Road Truck and he just had one Dynoed at over 530 Horsepower. I was going to add a little more Compression and some Nitrous in a Drag Race application, but have too many projects to try and finish. In addition to the other parts mentioned are a set of mild steel tube headers, a drysump type oil pan that is new and does not have any fittings or baffles installed yet. Will sell all parts for $3,700.00 or best offer. Email [email protected] for pictures or call. 704-516-8033.