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    New Paint Type

    One of my friends said that by January 2007 that water based base coat and clear will be available. Anyone have any experience with this yet?


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    If you don't get an answer here you might try the body forum at There's a lot of painters there.

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    Well not sure how the laws on this is at your part of the world, but here in Norway, by Jan 2007 it got illegal to sell the regular base paint, only waterborne base paints is allowed to be sold and used, primers and clears are still the same, as there is no produser that has been able to make a waterborne clear, that is usable in a repairshop, meaning how to use it and curing times, but they are working on it, so it'll show up sometime in the future.

    Waterborne systems works great, and are for the most brands stronger and better than the regular basepaint system, and i've been using waterborne paint now for almost 7 years.

    BTW i'm a bit surpriced that waterborne systems isn't very much used in USA yet, based on the strickt pollution laws you guys have
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    Mark, I know that the Dodge Neons had water-based paint from the factory right from their introduction in the mid - 90s ... and a lot of it was not very good.

    I would suspect that they have improved it somewhat, before offering it for general usage.

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