71-73 XR7 Center Grille Needed
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Thread: 71-73 XR7 Center Grille Needed

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  1. 71-73 XR7 Center Grille Needed

    I'm looking for the center grille for an xr7. I'm need it to make a cougar that I'm planning on purchasing complete. I dunno how much they go for but I'd like to stay under 200 bucks.Thanks.


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    Not all the same...

    71 and 72 are the same, but 73 is much shorter (top to bottom) due to different front bumper and wider upper hood molding... Which grille do you need? Where are you (for shipping reasons)...
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  3. It's for a 71 xr7. I currently live in 29 palms, ca ( 92277 ). Thanks for helping. I wouldn't have known.

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