1967-68 Cougar owners: What is your favorite feature of the 1967-68 Cougar?
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Thread: 1967-68 Cougar owners: What is your favorite feature of the 1967-68 Cougar?

  1. Question 1967-68 Cougar owners: What is your favorite feature of the 1967-68 Cougar?

    Attention 1967-68 Cougar owners: What is your favorite feature of your Cougar? You can post more than one in order of preference. Thanks to all who take their time to reply.

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    Favorite things

    Body lines
    tail lights-even when the car is sitting still and not running
    fold up headlights

    the fact there is not one at every show you go to

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    I like 427 Side Oilers and Philco TVs

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    68....... 68....... 68..... did I mention 68.......... 68..... sunroof!!!!
    70 Grabber Blue XR-7 Conv. 351C -4V/4sp Eliminator Look
    68 Yellow Hertz XR7-G (Restoration started)
    68 Red Hertz XR7-G
    68 J code XR7 with Sunroof
    06 Z06 Corvette (My daily driver)
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    along with the overall outside, the XR7 dash and interior
    Hidden Content '67 Cougar XR7 Dan Gurney Special, 289 4V Auto
    '93 Mustang 5.0L Coupe (Son's) 331 Stroker HCI, a lean and mean machine

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    Exterior styling
    Front/rear lights
    XR7 dash ( especially the toggle switches )
    Foot-operated windshield wiper fluid switch
    The door is the perfect height and distance from the driver's seat to comfortably place arm on door sill while driving ( almost feels claustrophopic when reqiured to keep arm inside the car! )
    Hidden fuel-filler door
    The slash's in front of the wheel well on XR7s
    Ease of working on the engine

    There's more of course, but these were on the top of my mind.
    67 XR7 - Tiff. Blue, 289, C4
    13 Ford Focus ST
    90 Mazda MX-5
    95 Ford Probe GT/'70 Cougar Eliminator tribute LeMons race car
    03 Ford F150
    83 Honda Nighthawk 550

  8. Quote Originally Posted by valk6
    Body lines
    tail lights-even when the car is sitting still and not running
    fold up headlights

    the fact there is not one at every show you go to


  9. That Car of the Year sticker and the look of the hood from the drivers seat!

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    The body lines
    The look of the hood from the driver seat
    The XR-7 dash and overhead console
    The door height (arm rest)
    The power
    The handling
    The comfort

    Have I left anything out?

    "B3Cat" 1968 XR-7 GT
    1969 Corvette L-46 4-speed Coupe
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    I would say owning one, or two, or three.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinisterX

    Plus I love the way it handled
    Ken Sommerfeld

    My BARN HAS:

    1970 XR7 Convertible 351 2v good day driver "Tabby"
    1967 XR7 Coupe 289 2v restoration project " Shabby"
    Shabby has been stripped and will be scrapped, now looking for a solid shell to replace her.
    1958 Chev 3100 Stepside pickup under restoration " Crabby"

    1992 Ford Ranger 4x4 " Super 2.3L " LIL Red
    2003 F250 Super Duty V10 Lariat " The Hog"
    Plus: 1956 Vintage 630 Case Tractor
    2130 & 4230 John Deere Tractors
    1989 Freightliner COE DEAD engine
    1990 IHC
    I wanna be a Cougarholic when I grow up !!!!!

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    The long hood, short trunk, belt body line and of course the hidden headlights and sequential tail lights. I think even Bill Mitchell would have liked to claim that design. Its a classic. Mark

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    I like the 'Untamed Elegance', coupled with the pop open headlights and long hood. Just a well balanced vintage coupe.
    For several years now I have been admiring Garey's (XR7GT) 1967 Cougar.
    My current project 1968 XR7 is the car that I want as a semi daily driver.
    My only change from stock will be a console that I can use as an armrest. I am going to attempt to make a console similar to the XR7-G console for use with my T-5 5 speed.
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    1968 XR7 J code 5 speed
    1968 Mustang GT/CS 302-4V

    "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming-----WOW---Whata ride!!!"

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    You might think I'm goofy, but I like the pedal for moving the wiper blades whenever I want.......I wish they had that on cars today instead of the variable speed ones. After that, it would be the hidden headlights and the front look of the car........just looks tough! when your facing straight on.
    68' XR7, 302, Auto, "Cougar" Scripted Weber Intake (1 of 2 known), White

  16. amen to everything above, I was trying to come up with something new as I read the posts, and you guys covered it all. Of course, could always discuss the sound of the engine and the turning heads as you drive by....but I think that goes for every cat.

    I think the way it sits is another great feature, the styling makes it look like it is crouched and getting ready to leap forward.

    Things I hate? That damn hydraulic steering valve and when my headlight doors ease shut at night.

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