Some gear ratio info if you guys are interested..
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Thread: Some gear ratio info if you guys are interested..

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    Some gear ratio info if you guys are interested..

    I searched all day here but came up empty..Shoulda gone Google first! Now it'll turn up here under a search of "gear ratios" for future reference.

    I was curious what the C6 gear ratios were..Turns out they're 2.46, 1.46, 1.00 (1st, 2nd, 3rd gear) and it's the same for C4...4 speeds have 4th at about .78 mostly


    No wonder the thing is still motoring at 70 mph! I think my M3's 6th gear is like .69 in 6th..

    Just thought I'd share, cheers!
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    4 speeds have 4th at about .78 mostly
    Which 4 speed?

    Ford Toploader is 1:1 in 4th

    Wide ratio: 2.78 / 1.93 / 1.36 / 1:1
    Close ratio: 2.32 / 1.69 / 1.29 / 1:1
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