One can't have a pleasant ride with a cracked and worn out steering wheel. To feel a real driving experience you need to have everything set up correctly and comfy. Me and my dad are pro craftsmen who specialize in steering wheel and dashboard restoration, as well as making custom, unique steering wheels. Our work process is pretty simple - customers come at use, express their desires, visions and we make their dreams come true. We're producing such goods for over 20 years and we have a long woodworking tradition (nearly a century as my grand-grand father started everything). So if you are interested in our refurbishment services, please visit our website or just drop us a line.
If you don't have an original carcass to restore, we have our tiny catalog of pre-made wood steering wheels for:
1. BMW cars:
and also for
2. Mercedes Benz cars:

BTW. We can restore any vehicles parts – brand is not an issue because we have already worked with probably every car brand's steering wheel in the world. We can do anything with wood on your steering wheel.

I hope that this message will find it's audience as this is an auto-related forum, so I thought that some of you may find this info relevant, though it's a small advertisement too (not gonna lie).