Motor Mount Quality on Spec's?
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Thread: Motor Mount Quality on Spec's?

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    Motor Mount Quality on Spec's?

    On my 69 with its original 351W block, I really had to wiggle and convince the motor mounts to drop on to the tabs. Fender aprons and towers are untouched and in perfect shape. The car has never been hit and the frame is straight as an arrow. With the fan and fan shroud on, the engine sits about 1" or 1 1/2" higher than it should. Can motor mount quality be the difference?
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    Re: Motor Mount Quality on Spec's?

    What brand and part number of mounts did you install?

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    Re: Motor Mount Quality on Spec's?

    When I was shopping a few weeks ago I saw a few that were higher, So I called West Coast classic cougar and they sent exactly what I needed I would call them My motor when in great two days ago

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    Re: Motor Mount Quality on Spec's?

    Is your Cougar a convertible?
    There are two different motor mounts - convertible and coupe.

    The only motor mounts that fit correctly on a convertible are the Ford mounts - which are obsolete.
    The aftermarket replacements are generic that are "supposed" to fit either but do not fit convertibles or 1967 coupes.

    There are two different aftermarket replacements, one uses hard rubber and the other a soft rubber.
    With the soft rubber mounts, the engine can be pried and contorted until the bolt will slide through.
    However, this stresses the rubber mount and it will eventually fail.

    The support brackets can be re-drilled to fit the coupe mount.
    see: for the dimensions.
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