Radio turned off with turn signal
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Thread: Radio turned off with turn signal

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    Radio turned off with turn signal

    Hi. new to the forum. 1969 and like many, turn signal issues here.
    Checked bulbs and they are good
    Brake lights work
    turn signal does nothing front or back. no clicking inside
    hazard turns on lights

    radio didn't work. Turned on all the sudden today (original am radio) and then when the turn signal was moved, the radio quit and the turn signal didn't turn on.

    That is the weirdest behavior. Any help/guides prior posts??

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    Re: Radio turned off with turn signal

    The radio and the turn signals share no circuitry. Sounds like a coincidence. The #1 fail item on the turn signal system is the switch in the column. Major undertaking to replace. Go to the Cougars Unlimited website for detailed troubleshooting instructions. Vic Yarberry has a link there to his store on eBay where you can buy any parts.
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    Re: Radio turned off with turn signal

    Here is a link to Vic's site.
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    Re: Radio turned off with turn signal

    Great news.

    Seems the fuse panel that has a missing prong. Also, replaced all the fuses and guess what!? Tail lights work and so does radio!

    Well, it's am, but it works!


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    Re: Radio turned off with turn signal

    The only circuitry that the radio and turn signals share is the 297 power feed from ignition switch to the fuse box.
    Apparently, the original switch crimp loosens and the plastic portion of the switch can move around causing opens (or shorts).
    An improved 1968-69 ignition switch was released and the Ford replacement switch (D1AZ-11572-C) came with a new connector and pigtails (C9AZ-14313-A).

    I recommend inspecting the ignition switch and connector for a failed (burnt) or intermittent connection.
    Make sure the plastic portion of the ignition switch housing is not loose. If so, replace the switch.
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