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Thread: 73 Cougar - 6R80 Swap

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    Re: 73 Cougar - 6R80 Swap

    Aaaand it's back on the road. My controller arrived and I got it all wired in before lunch on Friday. I drove the it home with no issues. Having 6 speeds is nice. I played with the shift points a little. This should be nice on trips. I think the next items will be to fix an exhaust leak, maybe a softer trans mount insulator (reduce transmitted vibration), and mount the controller properly. I'd also like to wire up the manumatic shift buttons. I can put the transmission in a "sport" mode and manually shift like a modern car. Also I will color match that hood scoop. The only reason I added the scoop was my underhood temps were unmanageable - it was killing performance. And routing a cold air setup was difficult. So I punted and installed the OE style scoop I've had for years. Now my underhood temps are ambient + 10*

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    Re: 73 Cougar - 6R80 Swap

    Anddddddddd he makes it look so easy too....

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    Re: 73 Cougar - 6R80 Swap

    Quote Originally Posted by leonbray View Post
    wow - do you have a write up on the delorean conversion?
    Seriously, look at that thing. Is this making anyone else want to watch Back to the Future or is that just me?

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    Re: 73 Cougar - 6R80 Swap

    Quote Originally Posted by ndtorque View Post
    Anddddddddd he makes it look so easy too....
    Aint that the truth ! Glad you posted some driveway shots, I forgot what your phat cat looked like except the underside. All joking aside, your project is inspiring, i'll have to plan some "winter" projects for mine.
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