351W Starting issue with new distributor
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Thread: 351W Starting issue with new distributor

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    351W Starting issue with new distributor

    So, no real history on the 351. The vacuum advance had gone bad so we pulled the distributor. The screws were so set in it made more sense (after about 1 hour of drilling) to just get a new distributor. Got the new one. Found TDC. put it in and nothing. could advance it a bit and get her to turn over and run really rough then die.
    Did some reading and found an article that the wire order might be 15426378 vs the regular 13726548. This was cited as there were replacement 302 cams used for a lot of repair work at some point. So... not knowing if it ever had a new cam, I tried the new order and it runs. Now, you would think I would be happy, but I am skeptical. She idles very softly and just seems like she is under power now.

    Any advice or ideas to what we owe this behavior too??
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: 351W Starting issue with new distributor

    Drive it and see. First set the timing with a timing light.
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    Re: 351W Starting issue with new distributor

    Fun fact... so trying to drive it was horrible. Stall too. Decided to go back to the 351 firing order and all the sudden she ran great... Best guess is something was mixed up on the first time and that is why it wasn't working.

    Timing seems good now too.

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    Re: 351W Starting issue with new distributor

    I do have a 302 cam in my 351W for some reason (like you stated), imagine my surprise after rebuild that she wouldn't run right

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