1968 XR7 with 1969 351w
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Thread: 1968 XR7 with 1969 351w

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    1968 XR7 with 1969 351w

    Rebuilt 351 Windsor with stock 4bll intake, Edlebrock 600cfm. Okay I am on my third cam installation. I first tried competition cam 270 duration 512 intake, 517 exhaust--- no go after about 30 miles it started sputtering if I gassed it just a little bit to much, running hot. Second try, I made a mistake looked at the duration wrong, I said what the heck try it anyway. Put new lifters in, 272 duration with 484 lift both sides, same situation, I drove it around for about half day, cruising, did great had a harder lope than the first cam. Then it happened, sputtering if I gassed it just a little to much, sputter,sputter and running hot. So my third round is near. I dropped way down, the smallest but biggest I could find where specs show this is for stock heads and small ports. its a 255 with 250 lift- duration with a 434 lift on intake, and 467 on exhaust. exact cam.Cams 35-416-3, so am nervous and annoyed. Hope this solves my issue. What do you guys think?
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    Re: 1968 XR7 with 1969 351w

    Maybe a stupid question, but did you adjust your jets after each cam change? Since running lean will cause the engine to run hot.
    If you did that, did you degree the cam? Maybe it's too advanced and if you didn't change the timing, your total timing might be too high.
    Both these problems would cause the sputtering issues you have.
    Also check if you have bled all air out of the cooling system after refilling, could have an air pocket somewhere.
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    Re: 1968 XR7 with 1969 351w

    sounds like a carb and tuning problem not so much a wrong cam issue

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    Re: 1968 XR7 with 1969 351w

    Running hot is not generally associated with improper cam selection. More likely you don't have a fan shroud, or the fan clutch is bad (or non - existent) or the 50 year old radiator needs replacing.
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