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    Found a Cougar

    Been awhile since posted on here since I sold my 68 XR7 years ago, but have lurked around once in awhile. So I was looking for a used car yesterday for my niece, and found a 67 XR7 GT. No for sale sign on it, and no motor or tranny. I've looked around some and have seen production numbers around 2600 or so. I've thought about doing a Marti report just to see the details. I have looked up the VIN, and it is a true 67 XR7 GT, S code. Looks like it had a scoop at some point, and has hood pins...not thinking that stuff was original. Anyone have any other input? And, I read once about the 7 "claw marks", or whatever right in front of the rear tires, but can't remember any details about them. Anyone have info on those?

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    Re: Found a Cougar

    It's a rare and desirable car if it had a big block originally. Appears to be an AC equipped car too, which is also super desirable. The hash marks were part of the XR-7 exterior trim package for 1967. Too bad the hood is wrecked.
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    Re: Found a Cougar

    Thanks for the reply Royce, I somehow knew you'd be the first to reply. I thought so as well, the AC, as the controls were different than my 68 XR7. The body looks in pretty decent shape. It's a shame I don't have the room/time/$ or I would ask the place about it. Again, not even sure if it is for sale.

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