Rear Inner Fender Liners
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Thread: Rear Inner Fender Liners

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    Rear Inner Fender Liners

    Hey all, looking for some insight before fully diving into this. Getting ready to pull the engine/trans on my '67 to tackle the rear inner fender liners. Both sides have a wallowed out mounting hole in the liner for the hood hinges. From the looks of it, i can see there are I believe two bolts up top and one kind of in the middle, but as far as the seams, are these welded or "epoxied" together? If anyone has done this and has any tips/tricks it would be greatly appreciated.

    I tried searching the forum and after page 4 of no results of what I was looking for, decided to post this. Thanks.

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    Re: Rear Inner Fender Liners

    Those are very difficult to replace. The engine needs to be out of the car. A Export brace or similar can be installed so that everything stays where it should be. Then drill out dozens of spot welds. The weld it in place where each spot weld used to be.

    Generally it might be better to buy the reproductions and use them to create patch panels that can be mig welded in place, then body worked to hide the repairs. I try to avoid cars that have need of replacements because it is very intense to get this right, as well as being intrusive and time consuming.
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    Re: Rear Inner Fender Liners

    Unless the inner fenders are completely rusted away, the typical repair for this problem is to weld or braze new nuts on the backside of the inner fender.
    This type of repair is obviously not concours but workable for a driver.

    Another option is to obtain replacement fender aprons, cut out the nuts along with some surrounding metal, fit and weld them into your existing metal.
    Either approach is less work than replacing the entire apron.
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    Re: Rear Inner Fender Liners

    Thanks guys, where they are at I figured they would be a PITA. I was planning on getting some repro parts from rockauto as mustangs unlimited doesn't show them in stock any longer. I may go with the idea of doing just a patch panel for the area of the mounting nuts.

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