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    Vacuum Diagram

    Hello all.
    I'm in need of a legible vacuum diagram (with an actual picture of the engine compartment if possible) for my 1977 XR-7 351W. the car is all original and a lot of it needs to be replaced with fresh rubber. I'm afraid that some of it isn't correctly routed because the vacuum advance wasn't connected to a ported vacuum. Thanks for your time. Derek

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    Hi there. I'm in the same boat with a 77 xr7 with the 351m. I think I've puzzled it out by process of elimination. What I've seen is there seems to be a whole lot of BS about how much of q power killer vaccum is so everyone's afraid of it. Easiest way I found was to do each "circuit" (advance, egr, pv etc) separately, then add check valves and accesories, and lastly plug anything that remains open.. it's my understanding these motors were retrofitted with more than what was needed to make it easier to add later. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

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    Re: Vacuum Diagram

    The Thunderbird forums are another good source of information about 77 - 79 Cougars

    I found some diagrams on-line when I was working on my 77 wagon
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