how to choose the right engine size
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Thread: how to choose the right engine size

  1. Smile how to choose the right engine size

    hello intereted in getting a 69/70 convertible
    i realized i could choose from few engine sizes
    here is my question
    between the 351 wind 2v or 4v
    the 351 clev 2v or 4 v
    or the 390
    which one is the best one
    the one more thought after and with the least problems?
    is there a big difference of power between them all and difference of value

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    S code 390 cars are worth 40% more than 351 cats but only if S appears in fifth position. 351W are readily available however 351C was the hot ticket in 1970s.

  3. On the 351C what are the avialibilty of parts locally...I tried to find the HP/torque numbers between the two 351 came up short??

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    I have a 351C for sale here. Needs rebuilding but its reasonably priced. It will cost a little more to build a C but its a darn fine engine. Email me direct and we can chat it out on phone maybe.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ray
    I have a 351C for sale here. Needs rebuilding but its reasonably priced. It will cost a little more to build a C but its a darn fine engine. Email me direct and we can chat it out on phone maybe.
    The car I'm buying has a C but hasn't ran it upwards of 5-6 years I was just curious ...All I see is info on 351W ......I do need a tranny...but that'll have to wait til i get the Vin and find out what tranny it has and how bad it is....I was told Victoria Automatic re-built it but it's shot again...First gotta pay for the car!

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    FMX in 69/70 C4 in earlier Cats. I have 351 styled bolting patterned C6 case for sale as well.Email me directly.
    And now back to the original thread topic.

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    Windsors are easier and cheaper to hop up, more parts and more plentiful. You can get a crate 351 W (various HPs) from several companies including Ford. Clevelands are rarer, parts are more $. As Ray said they were the hot ticket in 1970-72.

    Stock, Clevelands are more high ended, Windsors are torquier down low. But they are very close in performance and reliability.

    390s (none in 1970 or later) are rarer, bigger, torquier. But there isn't much ROOM left in the engine bay! Still, stock 390s aren't much faster than a 351 4 barrel. But the potential is greater. See the Edlebrock web site. FEs in general are an older design, but are very reliable. Windors, Clevelands, FEs; they are are good!
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    I find my 390 Cats have a lot more power than the 351 4Vs myself but FE is F'n expensive for fuel at $5gallon here so 351 either C or W will get you about 16mpg.

  10. so a clev is better then a wind?
    what about 2v or 4v?any comments?
    i found a 70 wind 1v that seams cool but it s an out of state car hard to know from just a picture
    have you seen the ones on ebay a 390 a a red 351 any comments ?
    i m interested in both but could not get much info on that 390 maybe you can
    terry i m looking for a convertible

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    351 C vs W

    I had a '70 mustang, came with a 2V - Cleveland... never ran since I owned it. 4 Spd manual tranny. I got rid of the car, but kept the engine, as I'd already had it rebuilt for $$$. I wanted to keep the Cleveland, pretty much as is (flywheel/flexplate), which led me to my '70 XR7 (351W-2V, 4 spd).

    Clevelands are sound racing engines (see fastest lap turned in NASCAR... Bill Elliot - 351C, but definitely not stock) They are high revving and like to turn RPMs due to the cylinder heads. 2V heads are considered better for street... my argument is "will 4V heads have more torque at 1500 RPM than, say, a 3.8L"... I'd guess yes. Windsors can be built however you like 'em.

    Personally, I liked the mystique of the Cleveland. Parts are harder to find, but not that much harder. For the most part, more expensive, as well. Not as many aftermarket parts available, but the heads are still beautiful. I equipped mine with a custom Crane Roller Cam (224 intake, 232 exhaust duration, .584 lift intake, .604 exhaust, 110 separation), roller rockers, MSD Ignition, Weiand Excelerator Intake, now 4V heads as my 2V were cracked... regardless, why I wanted to keep the Cleveland.

    Windsors are easier to hop up, cheaper to hop up, and lighter. You are afforded a little more engine bay room (side to side), and supposedly get better fuel economy. Maybe you should just give your old Cleveland to me . Windsors can also be made lighter, more easily, presently, as the only aluminum heads I'm aware of for the Cleveland are Aussie heads. I'm going to drop the Windsor in my '66 Mustang coupe... have to replace the flywheel in the rebuild, tho.

    Bellhousings should be the same, I understand. If so, you shouldn't have to worry too much about fitment. Be conscious of, if you swap, if the old engine is a manual transmission (flywheel) as opposed to automatic (flexplate).

    Guess it boils down to whatever floats your boat (or squeals your tires... )
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    If you have the budget for it - don't forget that a 390 with an all-aluminum upper end, i.e. cyl heads, indtake and waterpump weighs the same as a regular cast iron 351 Windsor. As for MPGs I used to live in a $5/gallon country and did with very careful attention to tuning manage to get an average of 14 mpg with a warmed up 390 in a full-size Ford.
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