Looking for a title 69 convertible
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Thread: Looking for a title 69 convertible

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    Looking for a title 69 convertible

    Hi there to all, just joined the club, hopefully it will be helpful in my restoration project. But I do have a situation with my car, as the title is no longer available after I was promised to get it. Does anyone know of someone that might have a title that I could possibly buy? Thanks in advance

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    Re: Looking for a title 69 convertible

    You know that is illegal on several different levels? You can get a bonded title for anything that isn't stolen and then you will be legit and the future buyer of the car won't end up losing it.
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    Re: Looking for a title 69 convertible

    I think you can file for a lost title as long as you got the bill of sale. It may cost like 250.00 but it`ll be legal and legit.

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