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Thread: Test fitting new wheels

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    Re: Test fitting new wheels

    Looks awesome! I'm jealous for sure.

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    Re: Test fitting new wheels

    Quote Originally Posted by 1967Cougar302 View Post
    I was finally able to get some new springs for the front and rear of my Cougar. I also did the shocks while I was in there and replaced the strut rods. Car is riding great now and it looks better with the front down lower than the rear.

    First picture is of before.

    Attachment 92793

    Here is the after
    Attachment 92777
    Attachment 92785
    So give us a rundown of what you actually replaced. Looks like I was right about your old rear leafs being odd...


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    Re: Test fitting new wheels

    There was apparently no question that the owner before me put in some "lifting" springs for whatever reason. I didn't put anything super special into the suspension since this car is strictly for cruising. In the past I have gone overboard because I like to put the best into whatever car I am working on. It took a lot of restraint to stick to the purpose of this car.

    The front was recently renewed prior to my purchase of the car so it didn't need a whole lot.

    Strut rods were replaced.
    New front lowering springs
    New front shocks
    New rear leafs
    New rear shocks

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    Re: Test fitting new wheels

    Looking for help on tire size:
    68 Cougar
    15 X 7 Fr.
    15 x 8 R
    Front Scott Drake coils
    rear disc brake kit running 1/4" spacers

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    Re: Test fitting new wheels

    The rear is usually not the problem but the front. The offset should be the biggset concern and measurement to check.


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