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Eliminators on the Market (May 2012)

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[QUOTE=Mike_B_SVT;502090]Alot of new sales showed up at the end of April, and several "long time" listings appear to have sold (notably the Green Ontario CJ car and the White '69 in NJ). Kijiji added a new function to allow easier searches by province, so expect more Kijiji links now and in the future. Without further ado, here are the E-cats on the market as of May 2nd (Happy Birthday Mom!).

These listings are combed from popular sites (CraigsList, eBay, Hemmings, CarsOnLine, Kijiji). As always, if you know of an Eliminator for sale please feel free to add it to the list. Or if you have any info / details or other general comments about an Eliminator listed here (or elsewhere) please feel free to pass along that info.

I've also linked this thread on CCC.com, here: [URL]http://www.classiccougarcommunity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1125&p=13448#p13448[/URL]

[B]Listings as of May 2nd;[/B]

'69 351 w/ auto. Metallic blue with white interior. Numbers matching, older restoration. Marti & Eminger docs. Omaha, NE for $18k

'70 351 w/ 4-speed. Comp blue, white interior. No mention of docs. In OK for $19k.

'70 351 w/ auto. Comp orange, black interior. No mention of docs. In Trenton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

'70 428 w/ auto. Comp yellow, fully loaded. Disassembled project. Build sheet and window sticker. In Picton, Ontario, Canada for $20k
**I recall a past thread about this car mentioning it was rebodied. Do your research.

'69 351 w/ auto. White with white interior. Marti & Eminger docs. Sudbury, Ontario for $25.5k
Owners' thread: [URL]https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?59874-69-Eliminator[/URL]

'69 351 w/ auto. Comp Yellow (currently Ivy Yellow), white interior. Complete (minus engine), disassembled project, fresh paint. In Oregon for $5k. Call Bob 503-602-0689
Posted by Don Rush here: [URL]https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?59855-3-Eliminators-for-sale-in-OR-in-3-days[/URL]!

'70 351 w/ auto. Pastel Blue, blue interior. #'s Matching, complete but disassembled project, on rotiserie. In Oregon for $8k. Call Charlie 541-459-0154
Posted by Don Rush here: [URL]https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?59855-3-Eliminators-for-sale-in-OR-in-3-days[/URL]!

'70 351 w/ auto. Comp Green, white interior. Engine disassembled. In Oregon for $12k. Contact Don at 503-463-1130.
Posted by Don Rush here: [URL]https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?59855-3-Eliminators-for-sale-in-OR-in-3-days[/URL]!

'70 w/ 351, auto. Yellow with houndstooth interior. Fully loaded. All docs and many original parts. In Palm Springs, CA for $25k
Owner (Jeff) has a thread here;

'70 w / 428cj (Ram-Air), Auto. Comp blue with white interior. Body and paint are done, numbers matching drivetrain. Comes with a ton of resto parts. Alberta, Canada. $25k

'69 w/ 428 (R-code), 4-speed (currently a 5-speed). White with black interior. Sunroof. Very modified. Marti Report. In Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada by Legendary Motorcar Company for $54.9k

'70 w/ 428 (Ram-Air), auto. Competition green, houndstooth interior. To be sold at Mecum's auction, Indianapolis, IN, May 15-20.

'70 w/ 428cj (Ram-Air), 4-speed. Comp yellow, black interior. Marti Report. In MA for $30k. Mike Ruo's car.
New Thread: [URL]https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?59063-70-q-code-ram-air-4-speed-eliminator[/URL]
Owner's Previous thread here: [URL]https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?58210-selling-my-70-cj-eliminator[/URL]
Previously discussed here: [URL]http://www.torinocobra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=21897[/URL]
And Here: [URL]https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?56399-Eliminators-This-Week-(July-5th-2011[/URL]

'70 w/ 428 (Ram-Air), auto. Comp blue, black interior. "All reports" and build sheet. No price.

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Comp Yellow, black interior, super drag-pack car. Marti Report. In Belleville, IL for $110k.

'70 w/ 351, 4-speed. Comp Blue with GINGER interior. Currently 351W, but includes replacement 351C. Marti Report. In Maryland, $16k.

'69 w / 428cj (R-code), auto. Originally bright blue with blue interior, currently comp blue with black interior. Marti Report. Scott Gregory's car, in CT. $40k
Info here (about half-way down): [URL]http://scottsgaragesale.weebly.com/my-cats.html[/URL]
MCnet thread: [URL]https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?56998-1969-Eliminator-428-CJ-Ram-Air-on-eBay-62-000-miles[/URL]

'70 w/ 351, 4-speed (originally 3-speed). Comp orange with black interior (originally "AA" white with black appointments). Marti Report. In Ohio, previously listed for $34.9k

'69 w / 351, 4-speed. White with black interior. Ram-air added. No mention of docs. Chicago, IL $22k.

'69 w/ 390, auto. Comp Yellow with black interior. Marti Report. $33,995 in NorCal.

'70 w/ 428CJ (Ram-Air), auto. Comp orange with black interior. Replacement engine. Marti report, $50k.

[B]Most Likely Clones;[/B]

'69 (currently a 480!) w/ auto. Comp yellow, black interior. No mention of documentation. $11.5k in Michigan.

'69 351 w/ auto. Currently black. No mention of documentation. $12k in Wyoming.

[B]**Fellah Looking for Family Eliminator**[/B]
'69 Metallic Blue. Sold from Whitten Bros in Richmond, VA. Contact Jeff Bishop [[email protected]]

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